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What Google Fiber Means to SpectrumVoIP Users

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For those who haven’t heard, Google Fiber is one of Google’s newer projects aimed at disrupting business as usual in a major way.  This time, Google is taking aim at the leading internet service providers by offering people a TV and Internet connection that delivers speeds of roughly 1,000 Mpbs.  (For comparison, you’re probably getting something like 10 or 20 Mbps at home.)


Put another way, Google Fiber is about 100 times faster than what you’re used to.


100 times faster.


Amazing, right?  There’s only one catch:


It’s currently being rolled out slowly, city-by-city, and many of you don’t live in a Google Fiber city yet.  Unless, that is, you happen to live in . . .


Austin, Texas!


Soon, the people of Austin can expect to have a chance to “move on up” and join the future with Google Fiber.  And as luck would have it, SpectrumVoIP already has a team in Austin to help you with your telecom needs.  This means that the world’s best business telephone system may soon be teamed up with the world’s most advanced connectivity solution!


What will the benefits be? They’re pretty straightforward.  Improvements to internet infrastructure generally make VoIP more reliable and create possibilities for expansion in our field.


Basically, a great solution is going to get a few steps closer to perfect.


Stay tuned!  We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.


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