Spectrum VoIP – 2014

To the Teslamobile! SpectrumVoIP is tearing up the road.

SpectrumVoIP Tesla


Tech geeks and gearheads rarely find common ground, but Tesla’s Model S is changing all that. It’s sporty, it’s sexy, and it’s fully electric – truly the roadster of the future. But the automotive features are just the beginning. Drivers will find that as soon as they sit down into the Model S’s luxurious cabin, they’re face to face with one of the biggest touchscreens they’ve ever seen:




That’s right, the Model S has a screen that measures almost a foot-and-a-half, and in-car infotainment will never be the same. Navigation? Pfft. The Tesla’s computer is a beast, and can handle much, much more. And for people that want a decent mobile office, the Model S offers everything you need.


For SpectrumVoIP users, this means that managing your phone system is right at your fingertips, even though you aren’t in the office. You can forward calls to ring in your car, listen to messages, and even see live reports of who’s talking on the phone.  People are always impressed when we show them how easy it is to manage their phone system on their computer.  Now you can manage it while you are driving to the beach.


The Tesla Model S and SpectrumVoIP make a darn fine pair.


But if you indulge and get yourself a sweet setup like this, don’t blame us if you never go back to work.


We wouldn’t either.


Tesla Screen


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