Spectrum VoIP – 2014

Is Hosted PBX “Green?”

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This is mainly because running your own PBX is tremendously inefficient.  It requires that each business set aside its own space, purchase its own equipment, and then maintain, pay utilities, and cover other expenses connected to it. 


In contrast, a hosted PBX VoIP system makes use of a highly efficient data center, where all equipment, staffing, and expenses are centralized.  The aggregate energy and cost savings is tremendous.


A hosted PBX VoIP system is green in a number of other ways, too.  It enables easy work with remote employees, cutting down on travel and sometimes overhead.  It can replace in-person meetings through simple video conferencing.  And best of all, it can allow a business to do away with fax machines entirely, saving on paper and ink (and irritation . . . that’s “green” too, right?)


We could go on accumulating reasons that hosted PBX VoIP helps reduce costs and environmental impact, but we just wanted to briefly offer a few of the most obvious ways.  Feel free to chime in below if you come up with others! 

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