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Yealink T38G

Meet the Yealink T38G - July 09, 2013

We consider the Yealink T38G to be our “mid-range” phone, but in most offices, it would be the fanciest desktop in the building!    To begin with, the T38G is designed to be future-proof, and has a built in gigabit switch for ultra fast LAN speeds.  (If you …more

Yealink T26P

Meet the Yealink T26P - June 26, 2013

The Yealink (pronounced “YAY-link”) T26P is the workhorse of the SpectrumVoIP phone array, and is our most commonly deployed device.   What can it do?  Almost everything!  We won’t bore you with the technical details.  (If you’re a geek at heart, you can click the link above to …more