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The Long Life of a SpectrumVoIP System - October 14, 2013

Recently, we came across an industry expert who observed that an average traditional PBX system might last 5-7 years.    We then started to think about how long a hosted PBX using Internet communications technology might last.  One would hope that the systems we install last longer, right?  …more

How VoIP Makes Your Business More Efficient - September 12, 2013

VoIP offers a lot of features to help your business in various ways.  In this post, we wanted to focus on a few that help boost efficiency.  Each of these uses of SpectrumVoIP can save your business both time and money.   You can do video-conferences instead of in-person meetings. …more

Why Switching to SpectrumVoIP Is Painless - August 23, 2013

If you’ve been thinking about switching over to a hosted PBX, but you’ve been worried that it will be a major hassle, allow us to set your mind at ease.  Switching to a hosted telecom solution with SpectrumVoIP costs nothing up-front, and requires no installation, setup, effort, or …more

Is VoIP Safe from Surveillance? - July 05, 2013

With the recent news, you may be wondering how well VoIP calls are protected from surveillance by government agents and others.  We’ll give it to you straight:    The bad news is that no communication method is perfect.  No matter what you do, there’s always a chance that …more